Hi Friend,


Running for office takes passion, commitment and energy. It also takes money. Eventually we will need to focus on big-ticket items like TV ads, but we’re building a grassroots movement right now with small but important actions intended to reach voters early like postcard drives and phone banks. 


Your contributions helps fund these efforts, making purchases of things like stamps and postcards possible.

All over the 46th Senate District, I’m meeting with groups of friends and neighbors who are writing hundreds of post cards to introduce me to voters. 

I’m incredibly inspired to see so many people – especially women – empowered and engaged this year in the political process – many of them for the first time! 


Will you consider making a quick donation of $25 – or whatever you can give - right now to make your voice heard?


And why is everyone so engaged this year? As one of our terrific volunteers described, “It seems like the really important bills are passed by the Assembly and then they just die in the Senate.” I want this to stop happening. As your State Senator, I’ll fight for universal health care, full and equitable funding for our public schools, and common sense gun safety legislation, to name but a few of the pressing issues that are pending in the legislature.


Together, we can turn things around for our families, friends and neighbors.  And your donation will help make it happen.


Thank you,