George Amedore Voted To Allow Domestic Abusers To Keep Their Guns. Help Me Change This.

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Last week, as the New York State legislature raced to meet its April 1st budget deadline, a bipartisan group of state senators passed a bill that will deny guns to domestic abuse offenders. It had already passed the Assembly, so now it awaits the Governor’s signature. Tempering this positive development was the shocking news that 19 Republican senators stood in opposition to this bill, which was introduced by a Republican and supported by their Majority Leader.  Among the opponents was Senator George Amedore, my opponent in the election this November 6.

George Amedore – too extreme even for mainstream Republicans?

In fact, Senator Amedore has consistently opposed common-sense gun safety laws, along with opposing a woman’s right to choose, Marriage Equality, and the statewide ban on fracking.  He’s fought to defeat efforts to close the LLC loophole, which treats businesses like people and allows unlimited cash to anonymously flow into campaign coffers, exacerbating the pay to play system in Albany. I’m setting an example of how we need to change Albany by refusing donations from LLCs.  

My campaign just launched a few weeks ago, but already I’m hearing from so many people in our region that they’re ready for change.  When elected to the State Senate, I look forward to working on a host of issues—tax reduction, education, health care, gun safety, to name but a few—by reaching across the aisle to work with Republican colleagues. That’s just what the Senate did the other night when they passed the law to deny guns to domestic abusers.  Except for our current state senator who stood apart, in opposition.  

Please help me get to the State Senate this November by making a donation to my campaign. My opponent is well funded—including by the National Rifle Association—and I’ll need all the help I can get.  

I look forward to hearing from you as this exciting campaign year moves forward. Let me know what’s on your mind!  

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Pat Strong