Pat Strong Slams Senator Amedore’s Vote Against ‘Red Flag’ Gun Safety Bill

(Kingston, NY) State Senate Candidate Pat Strong criticized State Senator George Amedore for voting against a bill on Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). This common sense bill, S.7133-A, would empower family members, household members, and law enforcement authorities to ask a court to issue temporary extreme risk protection orders to prohibit an individual who may be a threat to themselves or others from purchasing, possessing or attempting to purchase a firearm. This legislation has already proven to be a life-saver in many other states, including Florida and Vermont, yet George Amedore and the Senate Republicans refused to allow it to the Senate floor for a vote.


“This is another example of a common sense gun safety bill that is long overdue, but can’t get past the New York State Senate Republican Majority,” said Pat Strong.  “Sen. Amedore had a chance to do the right thing by supporting this bill, but once again we saw that he cares more about his rating from the National Rifle Association than the safety of New Yorkers."


The Senate bill was sponsored by 19 senators including its principal champions, Sen. Brian Kavanagh and Sen. Brad Hoylman. Despite having wide approval among New York voters, and receiving bipartisan support in the State Assembly, the ERPO bill has to be forced up for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee because of how hostile the Senate Republican Majority is to any meaningful gun safety legislation. The Judiciary Committee Republican Majority decided to shove the bill in another committee, effectively killing it and ensuring that it will not pass before the end of this year's Legislative Session. This took place after George Amedore voted against the measure. 


"New Yorkers are tired of seeing tragedies unfold because dangerous individuals have access to firearms. This good bill would help save lives, and that is why it is overwhelmingly supported by New York voters. It is shameful that George Amedore has again ignored common sense and the will of his constituents, and we deserve a better leader as our next State Senator," Pat Strong concluded.