Candidates Slam Senate Republicans for Blocking Progress on Women's Health and Rights


June 7, 2018



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Candidates Slam Senate Republicans for Blocking Progress on Women's Health and Rights


HUDSON VALLEY, NY - Four Democrats running for New York State Senate in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region condemned Senate Republicans for blocking a vote on two women's health bills last week that have strong support among New York voters.

The candidates, all women, spoke out about the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA) and Reproductive Health Act (RHA) as essential legislation to protect the health and rights of New York women.

If enacted, the CCCA, would require health insurance companies to include coverage of all FDA-approved contraceptive options, as well as contraceptive counseling, and services. This legislation passed the State Assembly by a 103-43 margin. The RHA will modernize New York’s nearly 50 year old statutes regarding abortion and ensure that New York State law treats abortion as health care, not a criminal act. This measure passed the State Assembly by a 93-44 margin.

Jen Metzger, candidate in the 42nd district, said, "Retiring State Senator John Bonacic’s sponsorship of the CCCA was not enough to prevent his party from blocking this critical legislation for women.  We need a senate majority that will make sure women are guaranteed access to affordable, safe, and essential reproductive health options. Our rights must be protected under the law in New York State.

Pat Strong, candidate in the 46th district, said, "George Amedore has stated that he is ‘pro life, without exceptions.’ This explains why he has done nothing to secure passage of these two important bills and confirms that he is out of step with his district.”

Karen Smythe, candidate in the 41st district, said, "It is shameful that in 2018, Sue Serino and the Senate Republicans continue to go to extreme lengths to deny reproductive health rights for women. We should be protecting women's rights, not stripping them away. Hudson Valley women deserve Senators who will stand up for their rights."

Joyce St. George, candidate in the 51st district, said, "Given Senator Seward's record of voting against the recent Senate bill that prevents convicted felons of domestic violence from owning guns, I can only imagine that he would also be a barrier to the current bill protecting women's contraceptive and reproductive rights. We need a Democratic majority that fights for the concerns of all NYS women regarding contraception, reproduction, and the roles they play in the family, community, work and life.

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