Differences Between 3a And 3b Hair

Naturally, a curly hair is categorized as type 3 hairs in celebrity stylist hair keying arrangement. In this type, each kind of hair requires different treatment depends upon its certain characteristics and structures.

Here, the type 3a is freely twisted hair with S-shaped, which might lack density. Type 3b is more thickly twisted S-shaped curls or freely spiral curls. Type 3c is tight spiral coils and curls, which are thickly, filled so far lying to dryness.

Due to its various features, the type 3 curly strands are very much simpler to style, manipulate and straighten.

The products required for such hair form are to just define the curls. Below are the difference between type 3a and 3b hair that include:

3a hair

The strands of type 3a hair are biggest in Hispanic women and also considered with big as well as loose spirals and curls of same circumference.

These strands always incline to be very smooth and also hold a well-defined S-shape. Therefore, 3a hair does not even work very well with bulk curly products and also build it appear wavy as contrasting to curly.

The most suitable hair products to use for this type 3a hair will be water based as well as light weight leave-in conditioners.

In order to make curls or spirals more defined, you can simply perform wash, go and then spray it with the thin air and leave-in dry.

3b hair

The strands of type 3b hair are common in black women and also the African women with the combined ethnicity with straight hair.

The 3b hair type is faintly as same as 3a one in terms of massive bounce and body. The curl shaped of 3b is smaller and lighter than previous and also a bit dense and coarse. In this category, the users may experience puffiness and frizz.

curly hair

These strands always require using the leave-in conditioner along with a light weight curl cream to avoid frizzles.

For this texture alone, one can simply perform the wash and then go. Likewise, 3c texture differs a lot from 3a Vs 3b hair and its strand pattern is in between tight coil curls and loose curls.


Therefore, it is very much important to know the difference between 3a, 3b and 3c hair for proper hair care, when it comes to understand the difference between type 3a and 3b hair.

Whatever the type you may prefer, you have to pay more attention to your hair porosity to understand, which products always works will best for you.


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