How Do You Know If A Shampoo Is Too Heavy For Your Hair?

By applying shampoo of any brand or class periodically, many think it will nourish the hair extremely. But, actually all shampoos in market will not do that task greatly.

Many may be worse after using and it is sure only few shampoos in market will be somewhat good in few aspects.

Applying shampoos will bring many drawbacks and many may not know that shampoo is too heavy for the hair, but not all are heavy but majority of the shampoos in market will create heaviness feeling and makes the hair look different than the original.

The real fact is many users do not know how to determine that their hair looks heavy and rough.

So to help the people to understand about this commonly felt issue and to bring an excellent solution to choose shampoo for the hair type, here we have shared the most reliable views

Hence, all confused people make use of it and try to grow a healthy hair all at once.

Not only shampoo also hair type is the reason

When you apply a hair product, may be shampoo or conditioner and if you feel that your hair looks very greasy, oily and sticky, then it is sure your hair product is the reason for the cause.

It may be a natural product or the other one, when the product doesn’t adopt the hair type creating the above lined common issues, you must stop using it.

Then you can decide without having doubts that it is only because of the shampoo used, the hair is causing severe damages.

The product only cannot be blamed totally and it may also depend on your hair type as some shampoos may be good for some and bad for many.

So at first understand the fact and the secondly try to find out your hair type. This will prevent the problem caused by usage of shampoo damaging your hair and a better solution or alternative can be created at the essential time.

choose shampoo

Buy shampoo based on your hair type

We have clearly discussed above that shampoos are not the only reason to cause heaviness and damage in your hair.

It may be also because of your hair type and so at first learn what your hair type is and then try to choose the shampoo based on the hair type. Here are few commonly found types given

  • Straight hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Curly hair
  • Coily hair
  • Thick hair
  • Thin hair

These are the common types and also there are several divisions found under these hair types. So try to find out the exact hair type and then choose shampoo for the hair type which you have.


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