Should I Exfoliate Before Or After Waxing?

Many people are more conscious about internal hygiene and beauty where waxing is one of the preferred options chosen by women to stay hairless and keep their skin smooth.

However, waxing remains a better option, it cannot be done just like that, whether it may be for eyebrows or legs or chest and back.

To make waxing your skin should be prepared well only then you can stay in comfort zone if not you should tolerate discomfort in the skin due to hair removal.

On other hand many of you might seek out help from experts for waxing where the common doubt arises in all people’s mind is exfoliate is necessary one before waxing?

Some may even analyse exfoliate before vs after waxing which is best? This may sound simple but the answer would be yes for both.

skin exfoliate

How to exfoliate skin before waxing?

Exfoliate is must before and after waxing but it always be a crucial part for women to do in proper way. To make ease here are some tips listed below that clearly explain how to do exfoliate and prepare your skin for waxing.

  • Either a few minutes before waxing you should clean the area that is going to be waxed with warm water using a small scrub or mitten without soap. This helps a lot to maintain natural ph level, if it is not comfortable you can make use of body lotions to clean the area.

  • Continue scrubbing the area in circular motion for a few minutes then rinse it well and wash the area. Gently pad the area with a cotton towel and let it dry.

Once this is completed you can do waxing thus how exfoliation and hair removal should be done. If you think you need to exfoliate after waxing, then make sure to do it after 48 hours as the skin would be so sensitive due to the waxing process.


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