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Does Shaving Hair Make It Grow Back Thicker?

Shaving the hair grown in various parts of the human body is a general practice done by all human beings and it is done widely by men in all over the world.

It is because men’s body has the tendency of giving uncontrollable hair growth and it can be mainly seen on the face of the male body.

Many mythical facts say that this shaving process is the only reason which makes the hair to grow again still thicker than the earlier.

But actually it is not the reason and the most reliable answer for the doubt shaving cause hair to grow thicker or not is briefly explained.

Hair growth is not because of shaving, it is because of genetics

Genetic structure of the human body plays a vital role causing the hair to grow thicker and thicker again.

Science says that the texture of the hair and the regrowth tendency is determined by the gene pool of a person.

Some people may have very thick hair and darker too but few may have thin hair and all these are determined by the DNA of the human body.

Based on the area of the body

Shaving hair makes it grow back thicker and darker on specific areas and it is based on the hair type. While shaving the hair on the face many use razors and the razor will not cut the entire root of the hair.


So the growth will be abundant but in the areas like bikini, legs and arm pits, many have the habit of using shave gels and so these gels may be more reactive than the razor causing slow rate of hair growth.

Major side effects

Obviously there will be both merits and demerits found while indulging in shaving process. The main side effect of shaving hair will be occurrence of rashes and while using razors it will create cuts on the skin layers causing irritations.

Hence these are the real facts about the hair on the human body and its re – growth tendency. There are many imaginable myths evolving each and every day but the fact mentioned above is the reliable one.


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